The Power Of Prayer

Verse 1:
Have you ever stood by a hospital bed
When the doctors gave up, left a loved one for dead
Then an old prayer warrior, hits her knees and she calls
To the greatest physician, who gave heal and saves all

Verse 2:
Have you ever stood with your back to the wall
No place to run so to Jesus you call
Then He reaches down with His mighty hand
And carries you over again and again.

Verse 3:
There’s that lost loved one who’s not where he should be
You lift up his name while you’re down on your knees
Then comes the day when he walks down the aisle
To an old fashioned altar with tears in his eyes

Time after time it all falls in place
A body is healed or a sinner is saved
It brings me assurance that Jesus is there
That’s why I believe in the power of prayer

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