Another Blessing

Verse 1:
I woke up this morning, got out of my bed
I looked around this is that I said,
thank you Lord, For the blood You shed
You put a roof, up over my head
Thank you Lord, for another day
and all the blessings, you send my way
Coulda been dead, sleeping in my grave
But you told death, Get back and behave...

Ooooo Weeee
Another Blessing

Verse 2:
Never seen, the righteous forsaken
Nor his seed, begging for bread
I can count on God, he won't let me down
Always do, just what he said now
Pain and sufferin', He brought me through
Arms open wide, always welcome you
I've been blessed, soooo many ways
I just lift my hands, and give him all the praise

I got my legs and I can walk (Another blessing)
I got my tongue, and I can talk (Another Blessing)
Even the air that I receive, (Another blessing)
I got my lungs ya'll and I can breathe (Another Blessing)
When I looks around I can see, (Another blessing)
all of the blessings, he's given me (Another blessing)
I see my family all doing fine, (Another Blessing)
he gave me peace, gave me peace of mind

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